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Hello. I’m Alex Zielinski.

A Professional Cinematographer

Welcome to AZP. Take a look at the projects I’ve been involved with as a professional cinematographer and photographer. Learn more about my studio, equipment rentals, productions, and future plans. I’m extremely proud of the work I’ve done and am open to your comments and hire, so please feel free to get in touch.

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AZP x Branded Cinematography Demo 2018/2019

AZP x Narrative Demo 2018/2019



About My Work

Passionately making potent images and compelling narratives, Alex captures beautiful scenes and people from all walks of life. Alex offers unique visions and a strong work ethic, with the a decade of experience bringing images to life.  Alex maximizes the quality of what’s captured in camera being technically proficient in the best cameras and tools. His strong communication skills are translated through the camera, giving his work lasting impressions. 

Alex constantly works with some of the largest names, brands, and networks. He has experience shooting commercials, narrative films, documentaries, as well as for major networks. 


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